Calling out all Gurugrammers!
Block your calendars and gear up for Raahgiri Day!

Raahgiri Day is arriving in DLF Garden City on 21st April 2019 (Sunday), from 6 am to 9 am.

1st Raahgiri Day was a smashing success, view the clicked pics and read more about it here.

It is a day to reclaim the streets and celebrate our vibrant lives in the people-friendly New Gurugram. It is a day to bring all your family, friends and neighbours out to the streets and have fun. All motorized vehicles will need to go via different routes (refer image below). Everyone should come and take part in various activities and events being organized. Do yoga, Zumba, cycling, dancing, singing, skating or simply take a walk and feel the energy of laughter.

Raahgiri Day – Apni Raahein, Apni Azaadi (Our path, Our freedom)

United Association of New Gurugram (UANG) with the support of Raahgiri Foundation, CM & Cabinet Ministers of Haryana, DC – Gurugram, Commissioner of Police,  DCP Traffic, GMDA, MCG, etc. have helped to bring this joyous event to the streets of prime residential area in DLF Garden City, New Gurugram.

What is Raahgiri?

It is India’s first sustainable, car-free, citizen initiative that began in Gurugram on Nov 17, 2013. The movement was conceived and trademarked by the Raahgiri Foundation. It consisted of local inhabitants from five organizations – EMBARQ India, I Am Gurgaon, Pedalyatri, Heritage School Gurugram, Duplays Gurugram. The name “raahgiri” resonates with all Indian citizens, bringing together ‘raah’ meaning journey and ‘gandhigiri’ which is a colloquial adaptation of Mahatma Gandhi’s transformative technique of non-violence.

What happens on Raahgiri day?

Raahgiri days are generally organized during the early hours of Sunday mornings. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the streets. The roads now belong to the people for recreational and community leisure activities. People of all ages come and play on the streets. Small groups of various activities are set up like Yoga, Zumba, etc where people join and experience the joy of healthy and energetic living. Some enjoy cycling, while some whiz through their skates. Some kids enjoy painting with watercolours, while some sketch with pencils. There are music, dancing and happiness all around. It is like a festival where everyone laughs and enjoys on the streets.

“Apni raahein, apni azaadi” in a true sense.

When and where is Raahgiri day happening in New Gurugram?

21st April 2019 (Sunday) from 6 am to 9 am. On the road between Badha crossing, Sector 86 (landmark – Essar Petrol Pump) and DLF New Town Heights, Sector 90.
Refer the image given below for the complete route (highlighted with yellow colour).

You can also visit

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It should be a great day, filled with fun and enjoyment for people of all ages.

Hope to see you all there, let’s make this event a great success!!

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