About Us: Our journey started with a generic thought. “Buying your own house” and “moving to a new area” is everyone’s dream. The excitement and joy of exploring a new neighborhood. Searching places to eat and being part of a community. All these are part of the joyous experience of transforming your new house into your new home.

All this excitement can “fizzle out” when you are unable to find these things in your new neighborhood. The traditional way of exploring your neighborhood includes driving to the nearby markets. Collecting menus and pamphlets you receive in newspapers. Asking your neighbors and friends for suggestions. These methods work, but they aren’t that effective or accurate. With our daily chores it is difficult to keep up with all these information. Keeping track of upcoming events and festivals in the society, can also be tiresome. Finding even the simplest of needs and services can be a big task. All the information of local shops and services aren’t available on Google as wellWhat is the solution then?

It is a saying that “necessity is the mother of invention“, and with these necessities, My Area Page was born. In the past years, we have worked hard to create a community and platform. This provides fast and reliable information whenever you need. We are constantly evolving and keep adding new features. We’re trying to make the user experience rich and simple.

Searching your neighborhood

The goal of My Area Page is simple – find your local area information in simple and easy way. “You will come for the information but will stay for the experience”. Search through different categories of services. Share the details via WhatsApp and filter the results according to your needs, and much more.

We also, frequently blog about events, competitions, festivals, and community activities.

Gone are the days of searching information in social media groups, by wandering on the roads or calling your friends for information. Visit https://www.myareapage.com to get accurate information with ease and comfort.

We hope that you enjoy all the efforts that we’ve put in crafting a website that is custom made for services near you. This platform is evolving continuously and we encourage everyone to contribute. Send us email messages from the Contact Us page and help us rectify errors. Also, give us feedback and suggestions about the user experience, or help other people by sharing the website’s link. The foundation of My Area Page is to build community engagement and activity.

Got any questions? Write to us by clicking here.