New Gurgaon Moms Awareness CampaignFLAGS TO PLANTS.

With Global Warming and environmental deterioration, it is the need of the hour to prevent it. New Gurgaon Moms are taking this initiative to the next level by recycling our National Flag after it’s use.

We need to move away from the use of plastic flags. We need to find innovative ways, such as the use of Flags That Grow Into Plants. Let us replace #PlasticPollution with a friendly alternative for our environment.


Why is there a need for such a campaign?

The biggest contributor to polluting the environment is single-use plastic. We raise our National Flag on Republic Day and Independence Day but after that, we don’t responsibly take care of it. After these celebrations, these flags lie unattended on the roads. These may end up in landfills. Get burnt with other papers. As a result, it adds to land and air pollution.

Plastic flags are not biodegradable. They do not decompose for a long time. Appropriate disposal of National Flags, made of plastic, equal with the dignity of the flag is a practical problem. Starting from this Republic Day, let us find a solution to this problem.

We usually see the paper as an environment-friendly option. Paper is biodegradable and recyclable. But this is also not a good solution. We cut trees to make paper. We use an average of 5 liters of water to get one A4 size paper. Hence it adds to deforestation and the rise in water disaster. Paper also demands far more energy to manufacture and transport than plastic. The re-use potential of paper is very low. Paper produces methane if dumped in the landfill.

Let us look at Flags to Plants, as a solution.

With this initiative, we are promoting flags made of seed paper. It has seeds like Tulsi, Basil, Marigold, etc embedded in them.

These flags use handmade paper. It starts with collecting waste cloth cuttings. These are put into a rag chopping machine. Finely chopped and then washed. Afterward, it goes to a beater machine. Here 8-12 hours of beating grinds it to a fine pulp. This pulp gets poured into an agitation tank. Later it gets poured into a vat where the seeds get added.
After the process is complete, we get sheets of seed paper. These sheets are then left for 5-7 days for natural drying. Once ready, these get cut into different shapes and sizes. And printed as per the need.

There is a usage of organic ink. We get saffron color by mixing turmeric powder with food grain color. Spinach gives us a green color. Blueberries give the blue color for Ashoka Chakra.


Post the celebrations, flags made from seed paper can be sown in the pot. Thereafter, the seeds germinate to grow into plants. Let’s follow the sustainability mantra – Reduce – Recycle – Reuse.

New Gurgaon Moms – Flags to Plants initiative

So from the year 2020 Republic Day celebrations, New Gurgaon Moms will start to bring a change. Its time to make people aware. Shift from single-use plastic flag to using seed paper flags. We will be spreading awareness as much as possible in all our programs. We will be connecting with organizations to bring as much change possible. Our aim is – respect for the nation and for the environment.

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How to be part of this, flags to plants campaign?

  • Send your query to take part.
  • Once confirmed, the date and time of launch will be shared.
  • New Gurgaon Moms (NGM) team comes and
    • We felicitate the organization head with a SEED FLAG and a demo kit.
    • NGM founder talks for 5-10 mins to spread awareness.
    • The team will also have a demo kit to show how flags grow into plants.
    • The team will give a set of 10-25 seed flags for distribution to the organization, to further spread awareness.
  • After the launch of the program, digital media is used to spread awareness and create a stronger influence.

Effect of this awareness campaign.

  • Responsibly handling National Flag after it’s the usage
  • Helping the environment by growing plants
  • Decrease Global Warming

To order flags

Connect on the information below, to know the details.


Who to contact?

Please reach out to Anju Kumari (Founder of New Gurgaon Moms) for any questions. Preferred time of contact – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Mobile: 987-358-8707

If you would like to feature your story here, then please send email to or call Mobile : 9818858454

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