New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd season begins in New Gurugram (Gurgaon) from 31st August 2019.

All Cricket Lovers are welcome to support this exciting series of cricket.

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    Come and enjoy the game of cricket in New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season!!

    When is the New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season being held in New Gurugram (Gurgaon)?

    The first match of the league will be on 31st August 2019 ( Saturday ) from 6:30 am to completion (approx 9:30 am).

    Please reach 15 minutes before scheduled start time.

    Location / Venue

    Address: Gurudronacharya Sports Academy, near Vatika Seven Lamps, Sector 82, Gurugram, Haryana.

    for any questions, please reach out to the organizer


    Below rules are applicable to all NGPL2 ( New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season ) matches from 31st August 2019 and supersede any previous playing conditions applicable to other tournaments.
    (Below details may differ or change basis decision of the organizer).

    • A team can have a lesser or maximum of 18 players in their squad. The details of players i.e. Name, Mobile no & one ID proof (with photo in it) shall be submitted before the start of the tournament.
      Post 31st August 2019 or the timelines shared by the organizing committee, no inclusion of players will be allowed.
    • The captains / VC’s are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of cricket as well as within these Playing Conditions.
    • A total of 14 teams will be a part of New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season.
    • There would be two groups with 7 teams each. Within a group, all teams will play against each other i.e. 6 league matches for each team.
    • Top 4 teams basis point table & net run rate will qualify for Quarterfinals from each group, followed by Semifinal and Final.
      In this edition of NGPL, we will have a match for 3rd place which will be played before the final match. Which means a team can play a maximum of 9 matches.
    • All matches will be of 20 overs each, including Grand Finale.
      Six overs of power play with four overs (max) per bowler.
    • All matches in NGPL-Season 2 will be played with KS Sports Red Heavy ball.
    • All matches in NGPL-Season 2 will be played on weekends i.e. Saturday & Sunday.
      First Slot: 6:30 am to 9:30 am.
      Second Slot: 10:00 am to 1:30 am.
      Third Slot: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm.
      NOTE: Organizers may change timings based on weather conditions however it will be pre-communicated to the respective team captains.
    • No rescheduling of matches will be entertained. In case of no-show, the other team will get a walkover. The schedule will be shared well in advance for the entire tournament.
    • The teams have to report on ground 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the start of their match.
      In the event of delay in the start of the match because of non-availability of the team, the overs will start reducing from 15 minutes onwards (from the originally scheduled time of the match) and subsequently, 1 over will get deducted after every 5 minutes.
      For example, if a match is scheduled to start at 10 am and if it has not been started till 10.15 am, then at 10.16 am one over will be deducted, and second over will deduct from 10.20, so on and so forth.
    • Super Sub & Playing 12 :
      In this edition of NGPL, the concept of the super-sub has been introduced, which means a team can have 12 players in their squad and the captain has to share the details of super-sub players along with their roles to umpire and organizer before the toss. i.e. the captains need to inform which player will only bat and which will only bowl.
      The rule of super-sub is not mandatory, it is optional.
    • All matches will be played with the new ball (1 new ball per inning). In case the ball in play is lost/damaged the umpires with the help of organizers will decide whether to choose a new ball or to choose an old ball from a previous match.
    • We shall have basic first aid kit for the tournament to treat cuts and sprains. People who have any particular sickness or allergy are advised not to participate (or) bring personal medication of their own without fail.
    • Intervals – The following shall be classed as intervals –
      The interval between two innings – 5 minutes.
      Time outs –after 10 overs – 5 minutes.
      Any other agreed interval – As per requirement
    • Boundaries and the inner circle will be marked.
      Please clarify with the umpires before the start, as to where the boundaries are. Issues will not be entertained later with the umpire regarding where one thought the boundary was.
    • Umpires will be neutral.
      On the ground, umpires decision/Organizers will be considered final and no argument will be entertained in this regard.
      It’s the responsibility of the Organizer to make sure the umpires are calibrated and should know their role, responsibilities, and limitations.
      In case of any dispute, only the captains from both teams will step forward and discuss with both the umpires. Organizers shall be called only if the onfield umpires fells so.
    • It is seriously recommended that all players use proper sports shoes to avoid any injuries.
    • BYE – Bye runs are allowed. No LBW or Leg bye runs are allowed
    • If rain prevents any match from being played totally or partially the below shall prevail for the matches:
      (a) The match will be rescheduled for the same day or for any other day.
      (b) Match will continue from where it was left irrespective of overs played.
      (c) Both the team needs to ensure the same playing 11/12. In case the same players are not available then extra players from a list of 18 can play however in that case, they are only allowed to do fielding.
    • In case of a tie, there will be super over. In case, there is a tie in super over as well, then another super over will be played. The win will not be based on the number of boundaries scored in super over.
    • In case of the same points in a group, the team with a better run rate will proceed to the next round.
    • Bowling:
    • A bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs for 20 overs match.
    • Underarm bowling and Chucking will not be allowed and umpires can stop such bowlers from bowling in that match and the tournament. As a general practice considering the spirits of the game, the umpire shall warn the bowler and the fielding captain once at least before giving a No-Ball.
    • Field Restrictions :
    • There will be fielding restrictions for all the matches which should be clarified by the umpire to avoid No-Ball penalty.
      Following rules apply:
      (a) A maximum of 2 Fielders during powerplay & a maximum of 5 Fielders after powerplay will be allowed outside circle.
      (b) The 30-yard circle will be marked on the ground. In case it’s not marked, the fielding team should adhere to umpires guidelines.
    • AWARDS :
      Below are the category of awards distributed during New Gurgaon Premier League :
      (a) Man of the Match (b) Best Batsman (c)Best Bowler (d)Best Fielder (e)Most Sixes Award (f)Most Valuable Player
      (g)Winner & Runner up Trophy along with Medals to both the finalist team members.
    • Players should be in proper uniforms, Team T-Shirt can be of any color except RED.
    • Also if any of the rules are not mentioned above then it will be as per Standard T20 international rules (with the consent of organizers)

    for any questions, please reach out to the organizer


    • There is no viewing fee. Everyone is invited to come & enjoy the matches.
    • This is not a charity event. Each team has paid the non-refundable enrollment fee for participating.
    • The final decision on all activities of the event is reserved by the organizing team and those authorized by them. All are requested to cooperate and encourage positive interaction with everyone.
    • This is a family-friendly event, hence no formal security has been arranged.
    • We all together should create and promote a safe environment to have healthy fun.
    • Everyone should respect the privacy of senior citizens, ladies, and players.
    • Please take full responsibility and care for the safety of your dear ones and belongings.

    In case of any confusion please contact the volunteer support team at the venue or reach out to the organizer



    The best option is to come to the ground and enjoy the live match. Encourage and cheer for your star player and their team.

    • You can get the live score of New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season on #CricHeroes App
    • Watch out this space on for post-match updates.

    Participants list of New Gurgaon Premier League 2nd Season

    Participating Team – Updated as of 28th August 2019


    Doctors 11 Gurgaon
    Antriksh Warriors
    Warrior 86
    Team Royale Ville
    RV Avengers
    Lifestyle Homes
    Gurgaon Strikers


    Taksila Warriors
    Palm Hills XI
    Lions Casabella Cricket Team
    G1-84 Cricket Club
    G1-84 Cricket Avengers
    Corona Hawks
    7 Lamps Vikings


    Sponsorships are welcome so that we can grow the event to a bigger scale.

    All interested to support this initiative and desire to sponsor the event may either contact the Online advertising partner MyAreaPage Director Mr Pawan Broach at +91-9818-858-454 ( ) or contact the organizer

    Past events and success story.

    NGPL Season 1 was started on 27 April, ended by 23 June.
    NGPL started with an objective to organize a cricket tournament to initiate sporting activities within the newly developed societies of New Gurgaon by promoting the game with passion and enthusiasm, offering everyone the opportunity to be involved and to make their experience fun and enjoyable.

    All it requires is – Passion for Cricket, Integrity, Respect for People and Community, Working Together.

    The past 1st season was very successful. Players from different societies participated in those events.
    It started on 27 April with final on 23 June and was played at Om Cricket Academy, Sec 82, Nawada Fatehpur, New Gurgaon.
    VIN 82 was the winner of the NGPL season 1

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