Dandiya at NTH 90 was a grand success!!

Dandiya or Dandiya Raas is a dance form performed during Navratri. It originated in Gujarat and people perform Dandiya to honour Goddess Durga. The dance form represents a battle among demon Mahishasura and the Goddess Durga. The sticks of the dance represent Durga’s sword. Women perform it in a graceful and rhythmic manner. They move in a circle as they revolve around the mandvi.

Dandiya NTH 90 – Celebrations

The occupancy in DLF GARDEN CITY started in 2013-14. There were hardly any facilities for cultural and social activities in this part of the city. DLF took the initiative of organising these activities and organised Garden City’s first Dandiya in 2014. Everyone living in Garden City welcomed and enjoyed it.

NTH90 Condominium organised the first Dandiya event in 2015. The residents of New Town Heights, Sector 90 planned and started organising cultural activities. All the residents took part and enjoyed the celebrations.

About the event on 2nd October 2019

Dandiya at NTH 90 started with an Aradhna of Ambe Maa, the goddess of SHAKTI. There was an Aarti performance and singing of Garba ras to please her. Everyone danced in a circular arrangement.

Garba is performed with bare hands (taali) and Dandiya ras is done with dandiya sticks. Women and men dance to the tunes in this spiritual experience. Participants wear special dresses like Ghaghara Choli or Odini for women and Kurta Pyjama or Dhoti for men.

There were several Promotional and Food Stalls. The residents enjoyed festive shopping. They took part in the celebrations. Everyone savoured different food items on sale.

A live orchestra was present. They mesmerised the audience with their energetic and exciting music. All the people danced to the active beat.

More than 1000 people joined the celebrations. As a result, the event has become a grand success.

Thanks to DLF, NTH90 Condominium and all the sponsors for making this event a memorable one.

You can follow DLF NTH 90 cultural group on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DLF-NTH90-Cultural-GROUP-498015410553520/

Special promotion

Karma Lakeland (a 300-acre luxury golf resort) in association with My Area Page organized a lucky coupon draw for Dlf NTH90 Dandiya 2019.
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The winners are Ms Vinti Mehra & Mr Puneet Dixit


Everyone appreciated the event. It was a tremendous team effort by the organisers.

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