Everyone is invited to the 4th Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup on 9th June 2019

Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup is back for a 4th edition.

It is being held on 9th June 2019 (Sunday) so get ready for an exciting day of cricket.

Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup was started in May 2018 by Mr. Vasu Malhotra with the support of Mr. Ganesh Pathak (DLF). It would be the 4th edition of the tournament that would be held on 9 June 2019.

These days, kids are not able to enjoy outdoor sports because there are no open spaces available for them to play in. We, the older generation, know what fun and good times we used to have while playing outside.

Outdoor sports like cricket are great for our health. It also helps in building great camaraderie and everlasting friendships. Kids are missing out on all those. They are also spending lots of time with gadgets and other technology products.

With these as primary initiator, Mr. Vasu Malhotra, a resident of Vatika City Homes, Sector 83, Gurugram, accompanied by his friends started this cricket tournament. To bring back the joy of cricket in today’s kids’ lives.

When is the 4th Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup being held?

On 9th June 2019 ( Sunday ) from 4 pm to completion (approx 11 pm).

All participating kids have to report at the venue much before 3 pm.

Where is the 4th Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup being held?

Gurudronacharya Sports Academy,
near Vatika Seven Lamps,
Sector 82,

What will happen on the day of the event?

This is a single-day event, held on 9th June 2019 ( Sunday ) from 4 pm to completion (approx 11 pm). There are no practice matches.

Requesting, all participants to reach the venue much before 3 pm.

It is mandatory for the parent of each kid to be present at the venue to take care of the needs and safety of their child. Any kid who is not accompanied by a parent will not be allowed to play and take part in the event.

  • Starting at 3 pm, all kids would be shuffled and put into separate teams by the volunteers. So that each team is on a balanced level.
  • Each game would be of 8 overs per side.
  • Basic friendly rules apply. There will be no runs awarded for by and leg by. There is no LBW out.
  • Every team will have one mentor. One of the parents or coaches or volunteers would be chosen as the mentor for each team. They will help guide each team with the rules and regulations.
  • Cricket would be played with soft tennis balls on turf and lush green open ground.
  • No formal uniform is needed. It is preferred that kids wear sports shoes, lower and t-shirt.
  • Ball and wickets will be provided at the venue. All are encouraged to bring their own cricket bats.


This is a family-friendly tournament to encourage all our kids to come out and play the sport.

  • This is not a charity event. It’s organized to encourage healthy living amongst our kids.
  • This event is free of cost for participation. No booking, enrollment or any other type of cost is required for participating.
  • If anyone is asking for any cost then please report it to volunteer support desk at the venue or call Mr. Vasu Malhotradirectly.
  • The final decision on all activities of the event is reserved by Mr. Vasu Malhotra and his team. All are requested to cooperate and encourage positive interaction with everyone.
  • This is a family-friendly event, hence no formal security has been arranged.
  • All participating residents and parents are requested to please keep a close watch on all aspects of the match.
  • We all together should create and promote a safe environment for our kids to have fun and enjoy themselves.
  • Everyone is requested to respect the privacy of senior citizens, ladies, and kids.
  • Please take full responsibility and care for the safety of your child and their belongings.
  • In case of any confusion please contact the volunteer support desk at the venue.

How to enrol and participate in the event?

We encourage all kids (boys and girls) between the age of 6 yrs – 12 yrs to enrol and participate in the event.

  • Open the form https://forms.gle/ruSoL6m5nc59gYAr6 and fill in your Email, Name, Father’s Name, Contact number, and Society name.
  • For confirmation, you will be getting an email.
  • 7th June 2019 is the last date to fill in the form
  • No photo is required
  • For any difficulties, you can reach out to Mr. Vasu Malhotra
  • Participants list will be updated on this page, daily by 10 pm.
  • All kids are selected without any test or trial.
  • Further progress to play more matches on the same day will depend on the participating team and its performance.


The best option is to come to the ground and enjoy the live match. Encourage and cheer for your star player and their team.


Earlier three events didn’t invite any sponsorships. Starting from the 4th edition of the tournament, we have started inviting sponsorships, so that we can grow the event to a bigger scale.

All who are interested to support this initiative and want to sponsor the event may please contact

Mr. Saurabh Jawa +91-8860-382-000 ( resident of Dlf New Town Heights, Sector 86, Gurugram)
Mr. Vasu Malhotra +91-9540-066-656 ( resident of Lifestyle Homes, Sector 83, Gurugram)

Past events and success story

This is the 4th tournament that’s being organized. Past 3 tournaments were all very successful. All the events were highly appreciated by residents of New Gurugram. 80+ kids (boys and girls) and 150+ parents participated in those events.

  • The 1st event was held on 6th May 2018 Sports Hub Dlf, Sector 91, Gurugram
  • The 2nd event was held on 27th May 2018 Gurudronacharya sports academy Sector 82, Gurugram and
  • The 3rd event was held on 2nd September 2018 Gurudronacharya sports academy Sector 82, Gurugram

In the post-match presentation, prizes were also distributed.

The trophy was given to “Man of the Series”, “Man of the Match”, “Best Batsman”, “Best Bowler”, “Catch of the Match” and “Best Fielder”. Every participating kid received a medal for their participation and enthusiasm.

Friends, residents from different societies, Mr. Amit Yadav (owner of Gurudronacharya sports academy) extended full support as a venue partner.

Cricket Club New Gurgaon team extended full support as a volunteer to help in the match.

Additional questions

  • Who can participate?
    All kids (boys and girls) between the age of 6 years to 12 years can participate. If needed, age will be verified by official documents.
  • Can enrollment be done on the day of the match?
    Only if any enrolled participant is absent on the day of the event and a spot is vacant in the team, a new enrollment might be considered. This will be at the sole discretion of Mr.Vasu Malhotra. Everyone is encouraged to enroll before time. The last date for enrollment is 7th June 2019.
  • What happens if a kid is not able to come on the day of the event?
    Please, inform Mr.Vasu Malhotra at least 2 hours before the event time.
  • How many family members can come?
    There is no limit, all family members are welcome to come and enjoy the event.
  • Is there any pick and drop facility?
    No, all kids would be dropped and picked up from the venue by their accompanying parents.
  • Will there be any refreshments provided at the venue?
    Food Stalls, snacks, refreshments, etc. would be available at the venue on a paid service basis.
    Water will be available but it is recommended to carry your own water bottles.
  • Will there be any first aid kit available?
    Basic First aid would be provided.

The organizer and volunteers are not responsible for any loss or found items. In case of any assistance please contact the volunteer support desk.

Participants list of 4th Kids Cricket New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Cup

Participating kid name (Parent name) – Updated as of 07/June/2019

  1. Abeer (Vasu Malhotra)
  2. Agamjot Singh (Atinder)
  3. Manveer Soni (Saroj Soni)
  4. Yatharth Gaur (Umesh Gaur)
  5. Vandita (Jyoti Yadav)
  6. Raghav (Amit Sharma)
  7. Yatharth (Vivek Jain)
  8. Tribhav (Jatin Kalia)
  9. Saarthak (Neeraj Malik)
  10. Nirvan Chawla (Kapil Chawla )
  11. Anvay (Piyush Isasare)
  12. Vikas Mann (SP Mann)
  13. Aarab Pratap (Sanjeev Singh)
  14. Aaryan (Satvinder Meel)
  15. Khush Verma (Gaurav Verma)
  16. Maanveer Alagh (Ayush Alagh)
  17. Shreyansh (Lokesh Yadav)
  18. Vansh (Ashish Gupta)
  19. Ansh (Ashish Gupta)
  20. Krishnansh ( Ravish Singh)
  21. Naman (Rajdeep Yadav)
  22. Mukul (Rajdeep Yadav)
  23. Ojas (Kumar Singh)
  24. Rachit (Amit Taneja )
  25. Vivaan (S Datta)
  26. Banshee (Ashish Gupta)
  27. Krish (Deepak Modi)
  28. Tan may (Ashish Rai)
  29. Himaksh (Dinesh Manchanda)
  30. Aarav (M S Sharma)
  31. Varun (Akhil Sharma)
  32. Akshaj (Amit Saran)
  33. Luvye (Bharat Sharma)
  34. Divyansh Shanker (Alok Bansal)
  35. Kiyaansh (Bharat Yadav)
  36. Darshit (Rachit Jain)
  37. Divit (Alok Shrivastava)
  38. Yatharth (Umesh Gaur)
  39. Tejas (Anil Yadav)
  40. Ritesh (Jai Singh)
  41. Shivam (Chetan Sharma)
  42. Aarit (Rakesh Hooda)
  43. Advik (Rakesh Hooda)
  44. Anant (Ajay Kumar Gupta)
  45. Vansh (Kapil Kadiyan)
  46. Ariv (Neeraj Thappa)
  47. Atin (Neeraj Thappa)
  48. Naman (Manish Kachhwaha)
  49. Shivam (Chetan Prakash)
  50. Priyansh (Amit Taneja)
  1. Rachit (Amit Taneja)
  2. Bhaumik (Alkesh Lamba)
  3. Parth (Tarun Dhamija)
  4. Hardik (Rohit Garg)
  5. Aarsh (Tejinder Singh Gill)
  6. Vismay (Sandeep Sethi)
  7. Shiven (Ganesh Pathak)
  8. Pratik Yadav (Shri Krishan)
  9. Aaryan (Praveen Paur)
  10. Arnav (Praveen Paur)
  11. Kunal (Bhupender Kumar)
  12. Sunny (Satvender)
  13. Pratyush (Dr. D.P. Singh)
  14. Harshit (Manish Jain)
  15. Winston (Shiju Joseph)
  16. Arjun (Kapil Kadiyan)
  17. Darsh (Sudarshan Dhiman)
  18. Devans (Pradeep Yaduv)
  19. Mahul (Rishi Gupta)
  20. Ishan (Saurabh)
  21. Manyu (Ravinder Yadav)
  22. Krishna (Ashutosh Bhatnagar)
  23. adhav (N.K Agrawal)
  24. Shaurya Pratap (Sushant Singha)
  25. Arush (Ashish Gupta)
  26. Manit (Deepak Agarwal)
  27. Mehul (Mayank Maheshwari)
  28. Kunal (Rohit Mehta)
  29. Vidhan (Vikas Taneja)
  30. Luvish (Vikas Yadav)
  31. Suyash (Gaurav Singh)
  32. Saubhagya (Raghav Lahari)
  33. Neil (Vivek Bansal)
  34. Shresth (Purushottam Kaushik)
  35. Ved (Raghunath Krishnagiri)
  36. Aaryav (Sumit Ahuja)
  37. Devaansh (Gulshan Babbar)
  38. Jai (Vivek)
  39. Priyansh (Ravi Yadav)
  40. Rajat (Inder Jeet)
  41. Pulkit (Tarun Kumar Singh)
  42. Aayush (Kartick Chnadra Pan)

Contact person

You can reach out to

  1. Mr. Vasu Malhotra at +91-9540-066-656
  2. Mr. Saurabh Jawa at +91-8860-382-000

Let us know about your experience in the comments section below

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