INOX Sapphire 83 movie hall is in Ameya Sapphire 83 Mall, Sector 83, New Gurugram (Gurgaon). This cinema hall is very close to my society and other residents living in Dlf and Vatika INXT sector of 82 and 83. Hence, It is one of the best movie theatres near me.

Since its opening in July 2018, many latest movies get released at Inox Gurgaon Sapphire 83 for all to enjoy. Additionally, It offers a choice of Regional, Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

INOX Sapphire 83 Reopens

Good News for all. Inox Sapphire 83 is now re-opened as per covid guidelines.

Inox Sapphire 83 is now open

This movie hall is near many New Gurugram (Gurgaon) Societies. Specifically, it is near Mapsko Casa Bella, Mapsko Royale Ville, Dlf Primus, Vatika City Homes, Vatika Gurgaon 21, Vatika Independent Floor, Emaar Palm Gardens, The Seven Lamps, Vatika Town Square, Dlf Ultima etc.

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In this blog post, you can find
– Details of INOX Sapphire 83 New Gurugram (Gurgaon)
– Ticket booking options.
– F.A.Q. on INOX Sapphire 83 multiplex.

This review on INOX Sapphire 83 is to help you know more about this cinema hall.

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Precautions for Covid-19

Following are the details of the Covid-19 precaution that the multiplex is taking.

What precautions does it offer for Covid-19?

The INOX team follows guidelines set by the Government. So, It takes necessary care and action for sanitisation. Besides, the Inox management has set additional policies. The manager informed me that each staff is on a strict training schedule. He also updated me that the team participates in drills. Moreover, along with the refilling of sanitisers, regular sanitisation is the norm.
Following are some of the essential steps taken by the management:

  • Wearing of Mask is compulsory for all. Hence no one is allowed inside without a mask.
  • Temperature check is mandatory during entry. Subsequently, entry is permitted if found fit.
  • Hand sanitisers kept at many locations for use.
  • In view to maintain a safe distance, alternate seats have restrictions tags.
  • Additionally, All the food counters practice social distancing too.
  • The security checks get done by trained staff.

What are the seating arrangements during Covid-19?

Currently, INOX is following a mandatory alternate seating arrangement. Hence, the identified seats have tags to restrict close sitting. Such steps help to maintain distance and create seat gaps. Soon, The cinema hall will start to full seating based on new Government guidelines.

How is Social distancing followed during Covid-19?

Social distance is a must during Covid-19 times. Hence, Along with seat gaps, the snack counter and ticket booking have safe distancing.

Are hand sanitisers provided at the theatre during Covid-19?

Hand sanitisers kill germs. So, Inox management has kept sanitisers at various vital spots for use. Additionally, it keeps getting refilled. Besides this, all the other area gets sanitised.

What happens if one does not carry a mask or forgets to bring it?

As a result of Government guidelines, wearing a mask is compulsory. Thus, each guest must bring his own. Inox management also provides a kit for a nominal cost of Rs.30. This kit contains one face mask, one glove & a small sanitiser bottle. As a result, all wear a mask inside the hall.

About INOX Sapphire 83 multiplex

Inox cinema is a popular chain that spreads across 69+ cities of India. INOX Leisure Limited operates 635+ screens in 150+ theatres. Although the experience is premium still the ticket price is reasonable. As a result, all movie lovers have a great cinema experience.

What is the address of INOX Sapphire 83 movie hall?

It is on the 2nd Floor, Sapphire 83 Mall, Sector 83, Vatika INXT, NH – 8, Haryana, Gurugram (Gurgaon) 122004, India.

How to reach INOX Sapphire 83 movie hall?

You can reach the location by following the map below.

How to check the latest movie schedule?

Movie schedules are displayed at the cinema hall. Additionally, you may Click here to check the latest movie schedule.

How to book tickets for INOX Sapphire 83 cinema?

Ticket booking for Inox is very convenient. It has options for offline as well as online booking. Therefore, a ticket booking counter (Box Office) is next to the theatre entrance gate on the mall’s second floor.
You can also book tickets online via
Inox website

So now you can continue to enjoy newly released movies with family and friends with ease.

What are the current offers?

Currently, Inox has free offers and schemes for added benefits. Click here for recommendations.

What is the contact phone number for INOX Sapphire 83 cinema hall?

Contact Helpline phone for INOX Sapphire 83 is +91-9818-103-204


What is the contact information for INOX Multiplexes?

Contact/Enquiry email:
Check their Facebook page here
Check their Youtube page here

Multiplex details

Following are the list of details for the cinemas.

Number of screensTotal 3
The total capacity of seats550+
Number of seats in Audi 1180+
Number of seats in Audi 2210+
Number of seats in Audi 3160+
Snack counterAvailable
Toilets/WashroomsAvailable (well maintained)
Handicap washroomAvailable
Drinking waterFree drinking water is available
Ticket counter (B.O.)Available
Security check (Male)Available
Security check (Female)Available
StaffWell dressed and trained
Projector TypeNormal
Dolby AtmosNot Available
4DXNot Available
IMAXNot Available
Fire SafetyYes
Outside foodNot allowed
ParkingAvailable at the basement
Group/Corporate/Events bookingAvailable

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Special Attraction

Currently, the following special attraction is going on

Inox cinema exclusive private screening


Check out the following images to see the attractive décor and facilities available.

Review and Rating

At first, my movie experience at INOX Sapphire 83 Mall was very different. Especially when I had high hopes! Generally, when you go to watch a movie, you are focusing on the film. But for me, other features of the cinema matter.
Following are some of the features, which I noticed.


To begin with, the interior is of the cinema hall is quite good. Additionally, the waiting area is well lit and has a good colour theme. As a result, it gives an awe-inspiring look.
Clean and well-maintained washrooms are available for male, female and handicapped persons. Additionally, all bathrooms have Air fresheners for freshness.

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Snacking options

The choice for snacks was average. But, the popcorns were crispy and hot. There were separate queues marked for safe distancing. As a result, all the guests stood at a fixed distance from each other. It also promoted digital payments. Hence, cards with bar codes for digital payments were available.

Please note: Currently, due to Covid 19 precaution, on-seat delivery of snacks is on hold.

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All Audis have different coloured seats. Hence the feel was different in every Audi. Every Audi had standard seating as well as recliners. But, the recliners were much lower in number in comparison to traditional seating. The leg space for standard seats is good. But, I found the recliners to be more comfortable with good leg space. Additionally, there is a cup holder attached to each chair. As a bonus, each recliner has a small seat table for convenience.

The rows numbers were well lit & seen in the dark. As a result, it was easy to find my row and seat.

Screen and Sound

Inox Sapphire 83 is a favourite for a budget-priced movie experience. The sound quality is also suitable for its price segment. Although It does not have a Dolby Atmos, still the sound clarity gives a good experience. Additionally, the screen clarity was good and was pleasing to the eye. As a result, the view from different seats and rows was good.

Final rating

Additionally to the above features, I found that the staff was helpful, well trained and polite. While on duty, each staff greeted the guests with a smile. The Manager is also available for more help.
Following is my summary.


Snacking options


Screen and Sound


It is a must to wear a Mask and take necessary precautions for Corona. Always follow the Government provided guidelines.

Currently, ticket prices are less due to Covid-19. Hence, this is an excellent time to watch movies with all safety precautions in place.

A good movie in INOX: Sapphire 83 multiplex is a treat for all!

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Did you visit INOX Sapphire 83 multiplex? If yes, then how was your experience? Do let us know in the comment section below. And if you have missed out, then you must visit!

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