Sharmistha Santra – popularly known as Mishti – is a 12-year-old schoolgirl. At first glance, she might seem like any other little kid. Innocent, cute, and full of energy. But there is more to her than meets the eye upon first meeting. I saw Sharmistha for the first time during Raahgiri in New Gurugram. She was performing yoga on stage. But it wasn’t a simple performance. The poses she was executing were extremely difficult. I could not even imagine the amount of practice, strength and flexibility required to hold such complex asanas.


The moment I saw Sharmistha Santra, I knew her talent is special and needs to be celebrated. I contacted her father, Neelangshu Santra, and planned a meeting where I could know more about the Yoga Star of Garden City. What followed in the meeting is truly a story of inspiration and passion.

My Area Page Spotlight Story of Sharmistha Santra – Yoga Star of Garden City

As a 3-year-old kid, she loved dancing to songs and used to perform at Saraswati Puja in Ghaziabad. The sparks of energy and talent in her were visible from a very early age. She was introduced to Yoga from books her mother had brought when she was 5 years old. What started as a small activity for a child, soon turned into a passion. Mishti participated in a Yoga competition in school when she was in first grade. To everyone’s surprise, she won the Winner’s Trophy.

Her parents recognized her talent and love for Yoga and Dance. She joined Bharatnatyam and Yoga classes twice a week, under teachers – Mrs Anusua Ghosh and Mrs Gagandeep Kaur, respectively. By the time she was 10 years old, she represented Uttar Pradesh at the 42nd National Championship of Yoga in 2016. She was selected for Asian Championship, Singapore in 2017. Till now she has won 21 gold medals and 16 silver medals. AIR FM Rainbow invited her to a Talk Show called “Chhote Ustaad”, where she talked on Yoga and Bharatnatyam. She was also seen in a reality show on Zee TV – India’s Best Dramebaaz 2018 Grand Finale – in an act of contortion.

In the year 2017, Sharmistha and her family moved to DLF New Town Heights (popularly called NTH86) in Sector 86, Gurugram. This was a whole new experience for young Mishti. The lush green surroundings and plenty of sports opportunities gave immense joy to the active kid. She also developed an interest in swimming in the society’s pool.

During her stay at Garden City, she has performed and showcased her talents at various events. The love and encouragement exhibited by the residents have made a special place in her heart. She is always a highlight performance at every event and her fans eagerly wait for her. In April 2019, Raahgiri happened for the first time in New Gurugram and Sharmistha gave a jaw-dropping performance of her yoga skills.

She currently studies in Alpine Convent School, Sector 38, Gurugram. In 2018, she achieved 4th position in School Games Federation of India (S.G.F.I) held in Gurugram by Directorate of Education.


Life beyond yoga and dance

Apart from Yoga and Bharatnatyam, Sharmistha has many more hobbies and interests. As a teenager, she loves to watch movies of her favourite actors, Varun Dhawan and Deepika Padukone. She is also a foodie and enjoys her dad’s Chicken dishes and mom’s Lemon Rice, Kela Kofta and Lauki Pakoras. She also enjoys pizzas from Pizza Hut and Burgers from McDonald’s. Golgappas rank first in her choice of street food.

Sharmistha’s father works in Educomp, and her mother manages a packaging business for chocolates and cakes. She also takes tuition classes for junior students. Both the parents continue to be her biggest supporter. They encourage her to lead a life as per her free will and strive for excellence.

As she steps forward towards high school, exercising and meditation help Sharmistha deal with a rough and stressful day. While balancing her academics and passion for yoga, she continues to practice and learn as much as she can. She wants to devote her life to Yoga and aims to work hard to be a world champion by the age of 19.

Sharmistha’s journey serves as a story of inspiration and determination. Lack of government scholarships, promotion of yoga as a proper sport, academic pressure, and financial constraints are some of the challenges she faces daily. Yet, she showcases immense strength and love for her craft.


I hope that this story brings focus to Sharmishta’s abilities and also encourages more parents and kids to pursue their hobbies and talents. These are the things that bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishments in our life.

The team of My Area Page wishes Sharmistha all the best for her future. She is a very hard working girl and with her perseverance, she can certainly make all her dreams come true.

Sharmistha performing at Raahgiri Day

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