OTT platforms in India have been growing exponentially in the last few years. Here is a summary of the complete OTT platform list in India. Initially, the content available on OTT platforms were primarily in English and Hindi language. But now, Indian regional language content is also available on the OTT platforms. This blog is for you if you’re looking for regional OTT platforms with movies, web series, and TV shows in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, etc. I will provide you with a list of the best OTT platforms with content in regional languages in India.

What is an OTT platform? Or what does OTT mean? OTT stands for “Over The Top”. It is a platform that provides content, movies, music, TV shows, web series, etc., via the internet. For complete detail, please read our blog on OTT platforms.

Finding good quality OTT content in a regional language is challenging. There are so many regional OTT platforms popping up that the best ones are hard to find. But no need to worry, I have done the hard work for you 😉. I will share the top 10 OTT platforms with content in India’s regional languages in this blog.

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In this blog, you will find:
– 10 best regional OTT platforms available in India.
– FAQs on the regional OTT platform.
– Their pricing and subscription details.

If you are a lover of good quality content and have been watching only English or Hindi, then you are missing out on a lot. I would encourage you to check out regional language movies and shows. Also, remember to keep your subtitles on! 😊


Best regional OTT platforms in India

In the last year, OTT platforms have grown exponentially. Most OTT platforms in India primarily serve content in English and Hindi languages. There has always been a shortage of high-quality regional language content in India.

The audience for content in regional languages is enormous. And their demand has been growing consistently. In the last few years, many regional OTT platforms have gained prominence. They have also started delivering high-quality original content. We have many OTT platforms serving content in regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanada, Bengali, etc.

For those interested in OTT meaning in some regional language:

1. The OTT platform meaning in Hindi

2. The OTT platform meaning in Tamil

3. The OTT platform meaning in Telugu

4. The OTT platform meaning in Malayalam

In this blog, I list my top regional OTT platforms in India. All these have good quality movies and web series in local languages of various regions in India. Their list of subscribers has been growing at a fast pace. And so, the quality of content is getting better. Also, now the original content is being created in regional languages.

If you have not watched any regional movies or web series, you are missing out. They have some of the best content available in India. Also, try and go beyond Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and Prime. Log in to any of the regional OTT platforms mentioned in this blog and start playing regional movies or web series you find interesting. Don’t let language be a barrier between you and excellent content. Just put on the subtitles and enjoy the best of what Indian regions have to offer! 👍🏽

Hoichoi – Bengali regional OTT platform

In 2017, SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd launched their on-demand video-streaming service called Hoichoi. They primarily focus on Bengali content/movies/web series. They also add English subtitles. So all non-Bengali speaking cinema lovers can now enjoy top-quality Bengali movies and shows.

Hoichoi is a pure regional OTT platform as it has both audio and video streaming available. They have content for both adults and children. They are also making original content for their platform. The name Hoichoi means excitement, and it is fascinating to see their content and viewership grow so fast!

It is currently available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Mi TV, LG Smart TV and Samsung Tizen.

Bengali cinema is known for its excellent storytelling and content. So if you are willing to explore regional OTT platforms’ content in India, then Hoichoi is a great platform to begin with. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Bengali, as most of their content has English subtitles.

Hoichoi subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Following is the subscription pricing for Hoichoi.

  • An annual (365 days) package with one screen will cost ₹ 599.
  • An annual (365 days) package with two screens will cost ₹ 899.

Benefits available with Hoichoi subscription

  • Ad-free streaming.
  • 1080p video support.
  • 500+ Bengali movies are available.
  • It also has 1000+ Bengali audio songs.
  • They also have 100+ original content of films and web series in the Bengali language.

Languages available in Hoichoi

The content is available in the Bengali language. However, English subtitles are present for all movies.

Link to Hoichoi subscription

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Sun NXT – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali regional OTT platform

Sun TV network is part of Sun Group and is one of Asia’s largest TV networks. In June 2017, they launched Sun NXT, which is a video-on-demand service. It is an OTT platform with content in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

Sun NXT app is available for Android and iOS devices, Smart TVs and other devices. The platform hosts various shows other than movies and TV shows, like news, comedy clips, originals and music.

Sun NXT subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Following is the subscription pricing for Sun NXT.

  • A monthly (30 days) subscription plan (with ads) will cost ₹ 50.
  • A quarterly (90 days) subscription plan (without ads) will cost ₹ 130.
  • An annual (365 days) subscription plan (without ads) will cost ₹ 480.

Benefits available with Sun NXT subscription

  • Sun NXT has 4000+ movies and 300+ TV shows.
  • You get a full HD Streaming option.
  • Subscribers can also download Sun Nxt Shows and watch them offline.
  • You get new shows, and content added every month.
  • You can also stream Sun NXT shows on multiple devices.

Languages available in Sun NXT

The content is available in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

Link to Sun NXT subscription

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Aha – Telugu regional OTT platform

Arha Media and Broadcasting Pvt Ltd, in March 2020, launched their OTT streaming service called Aha. They primarily focus on Telugu movies and web series. Aha OTT platform is loaded with films from before the over-the-top era and also from various production houses.

Aha streaming service is available on all devices, including Mobile, Tablet, Web, and Smart TV. You can also download the content and watch it anywhere, anytime.

I am a big fan of Telugu cinema. They have some of the best movie scripts available today. So Aha is a blessing, especially since I don’t understand the Telugu language. The English subtitles have enabled me to watch some of the best movies that India has produced. If you’re looking for classic and excellent quality Telugu movies in India, check out Aha.

Aha subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Following is the subscription pricing for Aha regional OTT platform:

  • A quarterly (90 days) plan will cost ₹ 149.
  • An annual (365 days) plan will cost ₹ 399.

Benefits available with Aha subscription

  • The platform offers new shows and movies every month.
  • Stream all your content without any advertisement.
  • You can also download and watch content offline too.
  • You can watch the OTT platform on various devices.

Languages available in Aha

Aha streaming service is available only for the Telugu language. However, the platform offers English subtitles for all.

Link to Aha subscription

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Koode – Malayalam regional OTT platform

In 2011, Studio Mojo launched the Koode OTT platform. Studio Mojo is the same team that was responsible for establishing Koode provides high-quality Malayalam content. What sets Koode apart from other OTT platforms is that it’s free-of-cost and also ad-free. This fantastic platform has Malayalam movies from many genres. They also have short films, lifestyle shows, travel shows, and much more.

Koode means “with you”, and their strategy is to have the best content be always available with you. They plan to produce original content. They are also looking to invite creators from other social media platforms to create content from them.

Their existing list of content is excellent, and their plan of getting original content is also fascinating. It is another growing OTT platform in India, and it’s growing fast!

Koode subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

  • Most of the content is free of cost.
  • Some specific shows are paid. It costs ₹ 99 per movie if you book in advance or ₹ 149 later if you would pay later.

Benefits available with Koode

  • Koode offers free exclusive Malayalam content.
  • Their content is available in 1080p.
  • They also have podcast and music available on their platform.
  • Travel and food guide shows are also available.

Languages available in Koode

The service offers content for the Malayalam language only.

Link to Koode subscription

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Planet Marathi – Marathi regional OTT platform

In 2017, entrepreneur Mr Akshay Bardapurkar launched Planet Marathi. Mr Bardapurkar started it to promote Marathi culture, entertainment, music, and social information. Planet Marathi is a streaming platform of the people, for the people, and by Marathi people.

The OTT app is available on both iOS and Android globally.

Planet Marathi is an upcoming platform whose popularity is growing every day. They have some great content lined up. A lot of celebrities are also planning to create regional content. The future is exciting for Planet Marathi.

Planet Marathi subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

  • They have a “First-day-first-show” feature to purchase a one-time ticket and watch the latest released movie.

Benefits available with Planet Marathi

  • They have a lot of Marathi content on their platform.
  • You will get Marathi movies, music, events, web series, etc.
  • The streaming service also offers a “First-day-first-show” feature.

Languages available in Planet Marathi

The platform offers only Marathi language content. There are English subtitles also available.

Link to Planet Marathi

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Asianet Mobile TV+ – Malayalam regional OTT platform

In 2015, Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd partnered with Xperio Labs and launched Asianet Mobile Tv+. Asianet is a Multiple System Operator (MSO), which means they have multiple cable and direct broadcast channels.

Asianet Mobile Tv+ is a Malayalam regional OTT platform with a strong viewership base in the UAE and India. Within India, that quickly gains in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka.

Asianet Mobile TV+ subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Benefits available with Asianet Mobile TV+

  • You get live streaming of 100+ TV channels and radio stations.
  • There is exclusive content available in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi channels.
  • Their channels range from entertainment, news, travel, lifestyle, and spiritual besides radio channels.

Languages available in Asianet Mobile TV+

Asianet Mobile TV caters for Malayalam, Tamil and other regional languages. The platform also talks about extending its content to other Indian languages too.

Link to Asian Mobile TV+

Go to for a free download of the app. In addition, the app is available on Android as well as the Apple store.

BIGFlix – Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, etc. regional OTT platform

In 2008, Reliance Entertainment launched BIGFlix. It was India’s first movie on-demand service platform and is a subscription-based service.

BIGFlix started as India’s blockbuster theatre. Since there are no advertisements on the platform, your movie watching experience would be smooth and hassle-free.

The portal offers movies, trailers, reviews over various genres. The content is available in multiple regional languages of India. For example, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi, etc.

The BIGFlix app is available for Android and iOS users.

BIGFlix subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

  • BIGFlix premium plan is ₹ 50 per month.
  • There are no quarterly or annual subscriptions available.

Benefits of BIGFlix subscription

  • Ad-free movie streaming experience.
  • Watch on any device, including the web, Android, iOS, smart TVs and gaming consoles.
  • You can watch on two screens at-a-time.

Languages available in BIGFlix

The platform caters to over 2000 movies in languages like Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, English and Telugu.

Link to BIGFlix online service

Go to


Addatimes – Bengali regional OTT platform

In June of 2016, Addatimes Media Pvt Ltd launched Addatimes. Addatimes is a video-on-demand streaming platform. They offer original web series, short films, and video songs. They also have short love stories, thriller, suspense, drama, and comedy web series. If you enjoy Bengali content, then you have to check out this platform. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms in India.

The service is currently available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV.

Addatimes subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Following is the subscription pricing for Addatimes.

  • An annual (365 days) premium plan with one screen will cost ₹ 399.
  • An annual (365 days) premium plan with two screens will cost ₹ 599.

Benefits of Addatimes subscription

  • With a premium subscription, you can watch exclusive Bengali original content.
  • Also, you get an ad-free experience.
  • In addition, to Bollywood movies, you can also stream live sports and play online music.

Languages in Addatimes

Addatimes caters only Bengali language entertainment.

Link to Addatimes subscription

Go to

Hungama – Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, etc. regional OTT platform

In 1999, started its journey, and now their OTT services offer music, video, entertainment news and gaming. They have a vast collection of content in many regional languages.

Following are some of their platforms:

  • Hungama music
  • Hungama play
  • Bollywood Hungama
  • Hungama games
  • Hungama kids

You can enjoy your favourite type of content from these various channels.

Hungama subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

Following is the subscription pricing for

  • Unlimited movies, TV shows and short films subscription will cost ₹ 99/month or ₹ 249/3-months or ₹ 799/year.
  • Unlimited entertainment of movies, videos, music, TV shows and short films subscription will cost ₹ 149/month or ₹ 349/3-months or ₹ 1399/year.
  • Hungama pro music, including music and videos subscription, will cost ₹ 99/month or ₹ 269/3-months or ₹ 499/year.

Benefits of Hungama subscription

  • With the subscription, you get HD quality movies, high-quality music to browse anywhere anytime.
  • Along with the download feature, you also get to play the service on five devices.
  • It has more than 8000+ movies and 500+ short films with over 10 million songs and videos.

Languages in Hungama

The platform has English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and many more regional languages.

Link to Hungama subscription

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Manorama Max – Malayalam regional OTT platform

Malayala Manorama group have started an OTT service called Manorama Max. Manorama Max combines both Manorama News and Mazhavil Manorama. They have live news, reality shows, curated programmes, etc.

They offer all Malayalam content on the Manorama Max platform.

Manorama Max has an app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Manorama Max subscription cost (updated on July 2021)

  • An annual (365 days) subscription will cost ₹ 499.

Benefits of Manorama Max subscription

  • The subscription gives you access to Malayalam movies and original shows.
  • You get early access to the shows of Mazhavil Manorama.
  • Watch movie premiers every month, even before they are aired on Mazhavil Manorama.
  • There is also MAX Originals content that you can watch.

Languages in Manorama Max

The platform offers Malayalam language content.

Link to Manorama Max subscription

Go to


Following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Hoichoi available in Bangladesh?

Yes, users in Bangladesh can subscribe to Hoichoi using local credit and debit cards.

Is the AHA OTT platform free?

Yes, there is some content available for free, but a paid membership is also open.

Is Asianet Mobile TV+ free?

Yes, the content available on Asianet Mobile Tv+ is free.

Are Netflix and Bigflix the same?

No, both are separate OTT platforms. Netflix is an America based OTT platform, and BigFlix is an India based OTT platform.

Which is the most affordable OTT platform in India?

Among the top OTT platforms in India, Zee5 is the most affordable OTT platform in India.

Which are the free OTT platforms?

Some of the top free OTT platforms are Zype, Muvi, Ventuno, Dacast etc.

How many OTT platforms are there in India?

There are more than 50 OTT services in India. Check out the complete list of OTT platforms here.

Which is the most famous OTT platform in India?

Disney+ Hotstar is the most viewed and famous OTT platform in India.



OTT platforms have been flourishing in the last few years. But my complaint has always been that content in regional languages is not available. Make no mistake Disney+ Hotstar, NetFlix and Prime are the best OTT platforms available in India. But they don’t have much content available in regional languages with them.

For me, language is not a barrier, give me subtitles, and I can watch any good movie. Heck, I have watched Maari without any subtitles. My love for Dhanush was enough. 😎

I want to watch the best of Indian cinema, and most of it is in regional languages. Most of the Indian National Award winners are in the regional language.

With the advent of regional OTT platforms, my wishes are coming true.

If you’re a Hindi or English-only audience, I’ll encourage you to broaden your horizon. If you love watching content, check out the regional OTT platforms mentioned in this blog. Please let me know if I have missed any good regional OTT platforms in the comment section below.

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