Sweet Obsession Gurgaon (Gurugram) is one of the most popular bakeries in the city. Located on the third floor of South Point Mall in Golf Course Road (DLF Phase 5), it is a bakery, café and pâtisserie.

They are well-known for their baked delicacies and lip-smacking choice of sweet dishes. Their name rightly describes how the customers end up feeling after getting a taste of the bakery.

If you are searching for the Best Bakeries in Gurgaon, Sweet Obsession should be among your top considerations.

Sweet Obsession Bakery in DLF Phase 5 has carefully prepared and high-quality service that leaves the customers coming back for more.

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Really, ordering from Cafe Sweet Obsession is a piece of cake.

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In this blog post, you will find
– My review of Sweet Obsession Bakery at South Point Mall, Gurugram (Gurgaon).
– My restaurant reviews are based on the following criteria:
— location
— ambience
— service
— menu
— pricing
— taste
– F.A.Q. on Sweet Obsession Bakery

I hope you will find my review helpful and consider ordering from them.
Cafe Sweet Obsession is among the Best Bakeries in Gurugram (Gurgaon).


1.About Cafe Sweet Obsession

House #309 by Sweet Obsession is a cosy café located in Gurgaon. It never fails to create a near-perfect vibe with its eccentric and aesthetic decor.

With a European style interior, it has a beautiful living room, a fireplace, a laundry room and even a home office! It is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a couple (dozen) bites of mind-blowing delicacies.

If you are planning on getting a birthday cake, DO NOT think twice. Sweet Obsession has got your back. After all, a piece of cake a day keeps the blues away 🍰🥰.

You can send them your thoughts and feedback at sweetobsession2012@gmail.com
Or Visit Sweet Obsession’s Facebook and Instagram page.

*image courtesy Cafe Sweet Obsession Facebook

2.My review of Cafe Sweet Obsession

My friends and I, all have a sweet-tooth. We are constantly exploring fresh bakeries and on the hunt for the best desserts. I have dined at Cafe Sweet Obsession quite a few times.

I have also spent a lot of my pocket money on midnight celebratory cakes. When it comes to fulfilling delicious cravings, Zomato always delivers.

The vibe of the café is immaculate. For someone who has always loved the European and pastel style, the café could easily become my second home. The colourful and elegant interiors always make you want to stay a little longer.

There is enough space to accommodate 15-20 people. Assorted cakes, pastries and other treats are on display on the ground floor, bound to lure you in and have you… obsessed 😉.


This café is located in South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurugram (Gurgaon). The area is popularly known as DLF Phase 5.

The nearest metro station is Sector 53-54 station. The bakery is on the 3rd Floor. There is ample parking space in the mall.

It is conveniently located, and the white cream hut-shaped exterior is iconic.

2.2.Ambience/Look and feel

The café has a European theme which looks extremely elegant. The moment you reach the entrance, you are welcomed by a pleasant and cosy looking ‘home’.

You look through the glass windows and immediately realize this is a special bakery.

The interiors feature comfy sofas with small cushions and a fireplace. The walls have Victorian-style designs and carvings. In front of the lovely chandelier, an assortment of desserts and confectionaries await your gaze in the pastel-coloured kitchen.

s you make your way towards the kitchen and serving counter, you will pass by classy looking chairs and tables, where people can be found satisfying their sweet-tooth.

There is a staircase that will take you to the upper floor. Here you can get lost in your own world while you enjoy the delicious treats amidst antique and french style decorative pieces.

Sweet Obsession is among the best looking bakeries and restaurants I have visited. It is absolutely Instagram worthy.

Be it romantic dates, family outings, celebrations with friends, or just some solitary musings over desserts — Cafe Sweet Obsession’s vibe will enchant you on every visit.

2.3.Staff and Service

It is safe to say that everyone who works here knows what they are doing. The staff is warm and welcoming. They answered all our queries with patience and attention.

The staff provides the best recommendations when a food-related dilemma presents itself.

The first time I went there, I was welcomed with the utmost warmth and grace. A couple of my now-favourite orders have been suggestions from the staff.

In conclusion, I had a satisfying experience with the service.


Sweet Obsession is most famous for its sweet treats. But the café also offers excellent main course and appetizer options. The Lemon Glass Noodle soup is one of my favourite items on the menu.

If you’re not a soup person, no need to worry. The café offers a range of appetizers to begin your perfect meal. The Mozzarella Cheese Sticks are an item sent straight from heaven. The Onion rings are a great option as well.

On a healthier note, the café offers a wide range of salads and gluten-free options too.

In the main course, I almost always end up ordering the Grilled Chicken with a Tex Mex pizza. The Pork chops are really mouth-watering.

If you are looking for a healthier option, you can try the Polenta with Grilled Vegetables or Baked Pasta.

To accompany the food, you can have cold coffee, milkshakes, frappes, smoothies, or iced tea. However, I wouldn’t have too many drinks as they are quite rich (especially the shakes).

I want to save space for the desserts!

Of course, there is no better way to end the meal than with a mouth-watering New York Cheesecake. As for the desserts, you cannot go wrong with any option, they are all heavenly.

My personal recommendations are Red Velvet and Ferrero Rocher Cake. Many desserts are available in eggless options as well.

2.5.Pricing and Value for money

A complete meal for two usually ends up costing us ₹2,000 – 2,500 (including taxes). If you are interested only in a drink and dessert, it is easy on your wallet at under ₹1,000 for two.

The cakes are available in 1/2 Kg and 1 Kg options. The 1/2 Kg cakes range from ₹500-900 and the 1 Kg cakes are priced between ₹800 and ₹1,800.

In conclusion, I would say while the cost is a little on the premium side, the price is justified and worth the value.

Click here for Sweet Obsession bakery menu


The ambience at Sweet Obsession would enamour you. But this cafe is not just eye-candy 😋. Every food item that I’ve had at the cafe is worth every calorie.

It is impossible for me to get enough of the Tex Mex Pizza in this lifetime. The crust is every pizza lover’s dream come true. With the right drink of your choice, satisfaction is guaranteed.

The melt-in-mouth texture of the cheesecake is superb as well.

The cakes are fresh and baked perfectly. The Ferrero Rocher Cake is what dreams are made of. Cake combined with the ultimate chocolate, what is not to love? This is my go-to birthday cake.

A couple of items on the menu were a little bland for my liking. I am not a huge fan of the sandwiches and a few veggie rich items.

To sum up, eating at Cafe Sweet Obsession is definitely worth your time and money. My friends and I always end up having a great time whenever we visit.

2.7.Conclusion and recommendation

Sweet Obsession is one of the best cafe and bakeries in Gurugram (Gurgaon). I definitely recommend stopping by if you’re in the area. It is my go-to place for birthday cakes.

The food and ambience are worth every penny. The place does not feel like your typical cafes. The ambience is really special and tastefully done.

What do I enjoy?

  • Beautiful decor and ambience
  • Wide assortment of sweet delicacies
  • Warm and welcoming staff
  • Customer instructions are always followed to the best of their ability
  • Great place for hosting events and special occasions.

What can be improved?

  • The portions of food could be increased
  • The beverage choice is not as huge or varied as many other popular cafes
  • Some items are a bit on the expensive side

Every experience of mine with Sweet Obsession has been fulfilling. Most of my friends consider it our go-to place to hang out.

It is, without a doubt, one of the finest bakeries in Gurugram.

If you are a foodie then you must give them a try, especially their Italian cuisine. The beverages might not take you to heaven.

However, a slice of cake in the end definitely will.

2.8.Final Rating






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3.Contact Details of Sweet Obsession Bakery in Gurugram

Address: Shop #309, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122002
Contact number – +91-124-4061-615, +91-124-4371-617, +91-9971-805-698
Email – sweetobsession2012@gmail.com
Check their Facebook Page.
Follow them on Instagram.

You can reach the location by following the map below:


4.F.A.Q. on Sweet Obsession Bakery

Some frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

4.1.Does Sweet Obsession offer take-out and dine-in?

The ground floor has a showcase of bakery products and offers takeaway. The first floor is for dine-in.

4.2.What is the average cost per person?

The average cost per person ranges from ₹800 to 1,200 (including taxes) for a complete meal. Only a dessert and beverage can cost between ₹400 – 600.

Dairy Milk Cake, Eggless Dessert, Chocolate Dessert, Puddings, Belgian Chocolate Shake, Tex Mex Pizza are some customer favourites.

4.4.Does the bakery offer customized cakes?

Yes, the bakery offers customized cakes for events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can place your order through the Contact Details mentioned above.

4.5.Do they offer vegetarian and egg-less products?

Yes, the bakery offers a wide range of vegetarian and egg-less products.

4.6.Does the bakery offer Gluten-free products?

Yes, many delicious Gluten-free products are available.

4.7.Does the bakery offer multi-tier cakes?

No, the bakery doesn’t provide that option as of now. You can contact them and confirm.

4.8.When is Sweet Obsession open?

The bakery is open Mon-Sun : 10am – 11:30pm

4.9.Is the over-all customer experience value for money?

Every customer experience can be different but mine has always been pleasant. While the price is on the premium side, the food and ambience are worth the price.

4.10.What are the accepted modes of payment?

The payment can be done by cash, card or net banking.

4.11.Is parking facility available?

Parking is available in the mall’s basement area.

5.Final Verdict

Sweet Obsession is a must-try bakery in Gurugram. With a wide range of assorted delicacies, the taste will linger long after you have left. Their cosy indoors is great for any occasion, mood and craving.

They offer great choices for both kinds of people – whether you have a sweet tooth or live for spicy food.

The bakery does not have the widest range of cakes. However, the cakes they do have, are excellent. They easily make up for the lack of variety.

If you are looking for a good bakery to buy a beautiful cake for any occasion, your search ends here. Sweet Obsession will not only create aesthetically pleasing cakes but will ensure that it is scrumptious in taste.

Its catalogue of delicacies encompasses a variety of confectioneries to sweeten or spice-up any event. With the wedding season approaching and the best of the cakes in demand, the bakery is an angel sent from the heavens.

Although, sometimes you don’t need a special occasion to cherish a perfect slice of cake 😋.

For those refraining from going to the bakery during the pandemic, Zomato is always there for you.

Have you visited Sweet Obsession? What awesome dishes did you try? Do you have any recommendation? Let me know in the comments section below.

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